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Hula Girl Sparkling Spirits

A Better Cocktail for a Better World.

Hula Girl Sparkling Spirits ready-to-drink cocktails are made with our premium and proprietary Hula Girl vodka. We use real fruit juice derived from coconut, pineapple, and other tropical fruits and pure, locally sourced ingredients to create a delicious specialty cocktail that tastes both lively and balanced. Taking years to perfect, Hula Girl Sparkling Spirits are one of the few ready-made cocktails containing distilled spirits instead of wine or beer. At just 100 calories per serving, Hula Girl Sparkling Spirits are not only low calorie but lightly carbonated, come in four refreshing tropical flavors, and best of all, taste great.

Bikini Bling

Premium Hula Girl Vodka and real fruit juice make our coconut and pineapple cocktail an instant classic. Just one sip of our delicious 100-calorie Bikini Bling Sparkling Spirit, and you’ll be instantly transported to your own island paradise.

Moonlight Mai Tai

Synonymous with Hawaii, the Mai Tai is the world’s favorite tropical cocktail. Only 100 calories, our Moonlight Mai Tai is made with an array of all-natural tropical fruit flavors. One sip of our sparkling spirit, and you’ll want to go for a barefoot walk on the beach.

Sunset Sensation

Our Sunset Sensation is made with premium Hula Girl Vodka, a splash of mango, and a hint of lime. A tribute to the world-famous Hawaiian sunset, our 100-calorie sparkling spirit is refreshingly delicious. Enjoy a Sunset with someone special tonight.

Wild Wahine

Hula Girl Vodka, pineapple, and melon make our Wild Wahine the most refreshing cocktail on or off any island. With only 100 calories and real fruit juice, our sparkling spirit is perfect for a day on the boat, an afternoon on the beach, or an evening at home.

We Create. We Innovate. We Elevate.

Inspired by Hawaii’s feelgood aloha spirit, Hula Girl is passionate about creating quality products and services that celebrate beach lifestyle and culture while encouraging its customers to embrace the fun and adventurous side of life. With an optimistic, can-do worldview, Hula Girl believes if life is what you make it, then why not make it count?

We are an enthusiastically eco-conscious company determined to bring its customers uniquely superior products and services while simultaneously finding ways to lessen our company’s impact on the environment. We believe where there is a will, there is a way, and we are committed to finding real and innovative solutions to help keep our planet sustainable.

Hula Girl actively supports women’s causes and charities and seeks to empower women everywhere to live their best lives. Determined to make a difference, we believe in paying it forward and that each of us has a responsibility to help make the world a better place.

Hula Girl Values

Here at Hula Girl, we are passionate about our brand and what it represents and fully committed to offering our customers only the highest quality products and services. Inspired by the aloha spirit of Hawaii, we believe life should be an exciting and endless adventure, where meaningful and lasting connections with both people and nature are the rule of the day. Driven by a need to create and motivate, we make it our mission to offer an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience with each of our products and services, not only meeting our customers’ expectations but exceeding them. As a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious company, we prioritize reducing our impact on the planet and are always searching for innovative ways to make a positive and lasting difference in the world around us.

Hula Girl Vision

A loud and proud advocate for women and female empowerment, Hula Girl seeks to make the world a better place by supporting gender equality and female autonomy and education. Infinitely hopeful about the future, we believe the best way to effect change is to lead by example to show the community what’s possible; and make no mistake, we believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. We seek to eliminate negative, self-limiting beliefs and to inspire women to indulge in their passions and go after their dreams. We think of our customers as ‘ohana, so it’s only fitting that we want to see our family break negative cycles, realize their full potential, and become the very best they can be.

Serving the needs of a changing world

Locally Sourced

All ingredients are carefully selected and of the highest standard, and whenever possible, locally sourced and sustainably produced.

Finest Ingredients

Hula Girl blends its premium vodka with real fruit juice to create the perfect sparkling spirit.

Leave No Trace

An innovative, eco-friendly company, Hula Girl is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and minimizing its impact on the environment whenever and wherever possible.

Giving Back

A socially responsible company, Hula Girl makes it a priority to give back to the community by supporting various charities and causes.

Hula Girl

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